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Tutorial time! [Jan. 5th, 2005|10:55 pm]


This is my first tutorial. I hope it helps someone! :)

We're gonna go from this:

to this:

1. Start off with this original picture of Emilie De Ravin

2. Duplicate the layer. Go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast. Set the contrast to approximately 20.

3. Duplicate the base image again. This time, set the layer hard light at 24% opacity.

4. Click Layer>New>Layer. Fill this layer with a peach color, such as #DDBEA2. Set this layer on color at 100%.

5. Duplicate the base layer yet again and place this layer above the one filled with the peach color. Now, set this layer on soft light. Your icon will have a washed out, but golden hue to it. This is where you will start enhancing the color of her lips, eyes, and hair.

6. Layer>New>Layer. Fill this layer with a deep mauve, pink color, such as #8F2C28. Zoom into the picture and pick a small, round brush that you can use. Fill in Emilie's lips with the pink color and set the layer to color. If you want more control, highlight the layer and click the little box on the bottom that has a circle in the middle of it. This will create a vector mask. By setting your foreground color on black and the background on white, you can erase easily if you mess up and add more where needed. I also set this layer at about 72% so that the lip color wasn't overwhelming.

7. Again, add a new layer on top of this one and do exactly what you did to the lips to her eyes. This time use a forest green color such as #347D33. Set the layer to color.

8. Add ANOTHER layer for the hair. It's easier to fill the layer with a bright yellow such as #D3E678, and then sue the vector mask to erase the color from her face and the background. Set this layer to Hue at 31%.

9. Here is where I resize the imager to 100x87 by going to Image>image size.
10. Now we can add text. Text is usually what I find the hardest to do. I used a lyric from "Tonight (Not Again)" by Jason Mraz.The font used here is Australian Sunrise at 10pt. 'little', 'with', and 'eyes' are all at about 79% opacity and the word 'sea foam' has an added outer glow. Go to the little F at the bottom of the layer palette and click. This is how you can add outer glow. So now we are done with the text. It's time to add a border.

11. I didn't feel like getting to complicated with the border or brushes so I did edit>stroke and add a 1px border in black.

There! You are done and you have a new icon! Feel free to use these techniques on any icon to make the colors stand out a little bit more.