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just joined//taking requets [Aug. 1st, 2005|08:45 pm]



Hey. I just joined, and i'll take requets. <3

READ THE RULES..if you dont follow them, i wont do your  request. <3

oo1. Fill out the forms
oo2. Don't comment anon.
oo3. CREDIT if you're requesting an icon (i WILL check)
oo4. Crediting on the other things is nice, but not required
oo5. If you want me to use a specific font in your icon, it would be nice to give me a link to where i can download it incase i dont have it, to save me time. This isnt required, though.

Icon Examples:

Icon Form:
[x] Background (color/pic):
[x] Text:
[x] Font Color:
[x] Extras (stars, hearts, sparkles, etc.):
[x] Annimation (Blinking, fading, etc):