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This is a brand new simple icon community! With a difference, its for EVERYTHING, yep you name it, as long as its relevant to icons ^^. Animie, fandom, random and animated. Everything goes.

This community however, is mainly for Icon makers and wannabe icon makers to talk and learn new techniques, if you really like the way someone makes their icon, you can ask them how and learn.

Here you can...

#Request icons

#Request cutomizations

#Post you icons

#Share you techniques

There are only a few rules, which are mainly just to make sure everyone gets along better.

No stealing! By this I mean taking some one elses icon and saying you made it or taking it and puting a couple of words on it and claiming you made it. Unless you have the makers consent. I know you probly could just get the same images they used and make it youself just as well, but if thats the case, then go out and get the images yourself!

No bitchyness if you dont like some ones icons, then fair enough, but please if you wish to tell them that, then go about it in the nicest possible way. If you dont like what some one said about your icon, please don't get offened, after all why give a crap what they think?

Credit If you take something credit it, unless the maker states you dont have to. This is so when other people see you with an icon, and take it, they can too credit the original maker, plus it can give people the idea that you made it and to be honest its just down right rude if you don't.

No Hotlinking, get your own bandwidth please, some people do pay for theirs, and its basicly stealing if you do.

Apart forom these simple rules, which I'm sure you know inside out anyway, the place should be very easy going.

And one last thing, if you have three or more icons, please put it behind a lj cut tag

< lj-cut text="Click here" > (icons go here) < /lj > (make sure you take out the spaces.

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(Contact me if you wish to be linked here for yout icons ^^)